This is Me

.Net Developer extraordinaire, Certified Umbraco and Sitecore CMS developer, eCommerce consultant, father, cricket nut, cyclist and occasional musician. Founder of CrocodileApp, always up for a conversation about tech, science or just anything interesting. I can also bake a mean carrot cake when the fancy takes me.

Who've I worked with you ask?

Here are some of the names of clients I've worked with over the years. The sites vary across many industries and sizes, with some running to many hundreds of thousands of pages. If you need any more details, please get in touch.

So what can I do?

I tend to sell myself as a Lead Developer - I can plan architecture for a system, create technical documentation, plan the development, manage and work with a team of programmers and designers, user experience specialists and copywriters; project manage the process and when it all comes down to it, I can do the development too. That last one is a bit of a speciality of mine.

How about some actual detail?

If you really want to know everything get a hold of my CV - use the form below and we can talk. Once I can eliminate the possiblity that you're one of those really lazy recruitment consultants - the bad kind , who just spam everyone, I'm happy to send you a full CV. The highlights are below.

I'm Not a designer

I love designers. They can translate the vague discussions with clients into beautiful designs that cry out "build me". I don't do that. I know plenty and have worked with a lot of fantastic ones, and I can even recommend a few great ones. Even this website was based on a template. I play to my strengths - Development and all things Technical. 

Anything else?

I have a young family - a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters (Emmeline and Rosalind), a very young son (Tobias) and we're debating whether to add a cat or a dog to our little group. Or maybe an axolotl?

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